We have a lot of fun at our outings.  Here is just a few images of our past events.  Click on any image to see a larger view.


Open House at New location in Victoria Shopping Mall

Christmas at The Westcliff

Images of Various Events

  • Week holiday at Butlins

  • Out seeing the Christmas Lights

  • Fundraising Event

    Fundraising Event with Matt and his Dad

  • Halloween Party

    The Three Witches of Southend

  • Megazone Lazer Tag

    Megazone Lazer Tag

  • Southend United

    Football - Southend United


We have some fun at our events.  Here are a few videos of what we’ve been up to.

Amy and Steph playing a game called Pie Face


Battle Ropes 1

A fun Friends and Places Together get together. Fun and Exercise!

Battle Ropes 2