Rebecca's birthday at Mangetout restaurant

Rebecca’s birthday at Mangetout restaurant

What is F & P Together ?

Friends and Places Together (FandPT) offers the chance for friendships to develop outside of the school or college environment.

F&PT offers the opportunity for those aged 13-25 to meet up with friends outside of the school or college environment. Support is given to help facilitate this growth which parents cannot always offer  through volunteers or through paid staff.

Our service is broken down into :-

We provide day trips with friends in the school/college holidays as well as holidays, age appropriate.

We also provide a number of community based activities that are inclusive to all.

Why we offer FandPT

Our service was established due to the knowledge that there was a desperate need within our community for a way for young people to maintain and keep friendships alive through transition and changes in their adult lives.  For example, the closing of day services, changes of college provision, moving into day services and just leaving school and going to college.

As people are transported into special needs schools, families do not know who the young person’s friendships are. Our role is to facilitate and bring the schools, colleges and families together to allow them to form friendships outside of the school environment. As well as offering support to parents with the needs of their friends and the young person they support through transition from children to adult services.

What makes us Unique :

We listen to what young people want and we respond quickly to what is being asked. All events, holidays come from what people ask for We are flexible and creative in our approach and we work with both the person and their families.  We all live in Southend so understand what is going on in the community.

Some quotes from families about what we offer:-

‘She meets friends for the first time on her own and go down town to Southend’

‘It’s amazing but he is now more confident at college and has since made new friends at college’.

‘FandPT helped me to get a direct payment which means my son can now go out with a PA instead of always with me’.

‘For the first time I felt listened to and met someone that knew where I should go for information’.

‘Meeting Friends and Places was like a breath of fresh air’.

People who we Support :

We support anyone who has a disability that involves sensory, learning disabilities, communication difficulties, physical impairments, people with complex health needs  as well as people with Autism and Aspergers.