What We Do

Our services

We provide friendships outside of school and college. We have several people that do not attend a day centre but meet up with their friends to do meaningful activities in the community that support their independence.

We have young adults that cook lunch for their friends, help travel train to meet up with their friends as well as helping young people build up their confidence, self-esteem, assertive skills, and advocate on what they want. We offer support in developing people independence in the community from 16 onwards.

We offer this by meeting the young person either at school/college or at home with family and working with the person to find out who they want to spend time with. We then work with the schools. Colleges, families, and siblings to make this happen. Sometimes it can be quick and sometimes it can take time depending on the needs of the friends and if they are ready to meet up.

Amy but Eli found being the community too much for her. There was too much sensory overload. The two friends met up for dog walks to keep fit and healthy.

We have weekenders where 16 – 18 years old meet up at the weekend in small groups. They decide what they want to do on the days they meet up.

We have over 18’s who also will meet up with their friends.

Any new coming to us we work with the person slowly until they are ready to meet up with their friends.

This may take 2 weeks or 6 months. Most young people we work with have never had a friend to go out with so this can be very daunting. We work the young person and take it slowly.

Direct payments

Many people we work with have a social care budget and they use their direct payments to pay for staffing costs. See attached our service sheet – CLICK HERE TO READ WHAT WE OFFER

Short breaks

We offer several short breaks with friends, and we help plan what people want for their break and who they want to spend their time with


We offer a few holidays with friends based on what people want to go to.

School holidays

We provide several activities for 16 years to 18 years old while they are not at school Covid

The impact of covid has meant that we have had to reduce of the above, but we will be working at full capacity once we are all feeling safe in our community.